Wireless Fabric Speaker


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    With the help of this iFab wireless fabric speaker, you can make the challenge of creating on-demand audio conditions so much easier. With this sleek and durable little speaker set, you can enjoy a robust and secure audio experience that will be great for use at home, in a private gym, or in your own office.

    It helps to offer a simple, portable audio experience that can provide you with a crisp and clear connection. The impressive Blutooth 4.0 technology also ensures that you are left with high-end Bluetooth devices. The speakers will also automatically reconnect to the last connected device, meaning easy usage without footering around in the Bluetooth settings!

    It’s a great choice for making sure you can enjoy using a high-end speaker set that is going to be free from the usual constraints with non-fabric solutions. It’s even got a set of rechargeable batteries that can offer you p to 4-hours of audio experience without any loss of quality. Simply charge them overnight and enjoy the richest mobile audio experience you’ll find with a fabric speaker!