Micro USB 2.4A Car Charger

    Why spend time when you are travelling without the right battery charge for each of your needed devices? It’s not needed. With a Micro USB 2.4A Car charger, you can make sure that your devices are charged up and good to go as soon as is possible. Perfect for smart and simple travel boosting, you can charge up just about any micro USB compatible device.

    This includes most popular Android smartphone devices, with rapid charge technology ensuring the device is going to be fully suitable for use by the time you arrive. The 2.4A of power ensures that it is more than powerful enough to give you a full and frank power charging.

    It’s the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to improve their vehicle charging capacity, and to also ensure that you don’t need to arrive at your destination with less than half of your battery. If you need a full charge by the time that you arrive at your destination, use this 2.4A Car charger for a simpler experience.