3-Port USB Desktop Charger


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    This 3-port USB Desktop Charger will ensure that you can easily charge up to three devices at once. It can work to charge anything from mobile devices like smartphones and tables to digital cameras and more.

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    Great quality

    I am fascinated by the functionally of the device. The USB hub works perfectly when I use it as a USB port extension for my PC. And during charging, I can't complain, it really surprised me with the super-fast charging speed.

    Five Stars

    Buying the USB hub was a great decision. I needed an organized work station with a few USB connections and it delivered exactly that.

    Overtime Three Port USB Hub Charging Station - Optimized Charging for all Your Devices

    Tired of struggling to find a free USB port on your desktop or laptop so you can charge your phone? Looking for a USB charging station that is easy to travel with and can be used anywhere that has a standard AC-DC wall outlet? Need a safe and reliable USB hub that offers simultaneous rapid charging for all of its USB ports? If so, then our three Port USB Charging Hub is the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for!

    In today’s technology centered and on-the-go world, it’s important that your smart devices stay charged at all times whether you’re at home, the office, or traveling. Luckily, with Overtime’s multi-port USB wall charger, you can easily charge three of your USB powered devices at the same time by simply plugging the hub into any nearby wall outlet. Letting you say goodbye to missing important calls and losing hours of work data.

    Three Simultaneous Rapid Charging Ports

    This USB hub provides you an incredibly convenient way to rapidly charge up to three of your USB devices all at the same time. Featuring three separate universally standard USB type-A charging ports that provide a power output of 3.1AMPs, our multi-port USB wall charger is able to quickly and efficiently charge up and power all types of USB devices including smartphones, tablets, certain laptops, MP3 players, wireless speakers and headphones, as well as anything else that is powered via USB.

    Our multiple port USB charger also features a smart LED charging light on the front of its casing.

    Entirely Wall Powered

    When you’re trying to charge up your USB devices, you do not want your charging station to use up another USB port on your desktop computer or laptop, entirely defeating the whole point of needing extra ports. That’s why we’ve designed our multi-port USB charger to be powered entirely through a standard AC-DC wall outlet using the included 4.5-foot power cable. This saves you precious USB ports instead of needlessly occupying them.

    Charge Your Devices Anywhere

    If you are always on the go and find that you never have enough charging ports when out on your daily commute, our multiple port USB charger is the ultimate solution for you. Sporting a slim, lightweight, and sleek design, our USB charging hub is able to sit on your home or office’s desk without taking up any excess space. Plus, it’s portable size, durable casing, and detachable wall power cable make the Overtime wall charger with USB ports an ideal choice for letting you charge and power your USB devices anytime and anywhere.

    Charging Multiple Devices

    In order to ensure that both you and all of the devices you charge using our USB hub charging station remain safe and undamaged, we’ve had it extensively tested for safety and got it officially ETL certified. To help achieve the highest priority of safety protection, we’ve loaded our USB hub with multiple safety features such as surge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, and short circuit protection.