Prizma P4 Stereo Earbuds 3.5mm


    Want to stay focused when taking on tasks, whilst making sure that you can take calls in an instant? Then pick up our 3.5mm Prizma earphones. These deliver a fantastic tangle-free solution, using flat cables to help make sure the sound operation is crisp and the quality of the audio is always consistent. The in-line mic also allows for you to easily and quickly answer calls as and when you wish, too, making sure that you can always hear every phone call as crisply as you need.

    It’s the ideal choice for those who wish to answer calls and listen to music without having to do anything other than press one button. The high-quality audio experience, compatible with any 3.5mm audio jack, will give you access to earphones that never diminish the audio quality that you would want or expect.

    It’s for this reason that we recommend you take a look at our high-end stereo earbuds. When you want to really hear the sound bursting out from each of the earphones, high quality earbuds offer supreme quality in a simple, minimalistic design.