iFab Stick-On ID, Credit Card Wallet Phone Case

    An active lifestyle and need a convenient way to save space without leaving important things like your id, money or store card behind. iFab stick-on credit card wallet is the perfect solution to carrying your ID and credit cards. Slim, versatile and majorly convenient offering more versatility than a money clip or most slim wallets. This cell phone card holder Holds cards in place ANYWHERE you need a card to be held.

    The high quality 3M super sturdy adhesive is engineered to securely holds the wallet case on the back of your smartphone or phone case. It won't lose strength due to poekct heat, light moisture or sweat.

    • Easy Installation and Use: just stick it on the back of your phone.
    • Secure Hold: Carry credit cards, driver license, IDs, gym pass, cash and more
    • Versatile Holder: Hold its contents super tight, items won't fall out easily
    • 3M Super Adhesive
    • Ultra Slim & Lightweight Design
    • Compatible with nearly any smartphones or phone case.