Overtime Socket Shelf - Multi-Port Wall Charger Surge Protector - with 6Ft MFi Certified Lightning Cable

    Overtime Socket Shelf – Eleven Port Wall Charger Surge Protector

    Tired of having to decide what to unplug when wanting to charge your phone or plug in a new electronic device? Wish you could charge your USB devices and standard AC powered devices simultaneously from a single outlet on your wall? If so, then we've got the answer you've been looking for!

    This multi-plug wall outlet can be easily plugged into any AC wall outlet, instantly transforming one wall socket into 3 USB Type-A ports as well as 8 AC outlets. Our electrical outlet extender is also incredibly small and compact, sitting right up against your wall so that it doesn't take up any extra space or lay across the ground and becoming a possible tripping hazard like some wall outlet surge protectors. Plus, being SGS certified for safety and providing numerous safety features such as surge protection, our wall outlet with USB ports is the ultimate space and outlet saving solution.

    Apple Mfi- Certified Lightning Cable

    Apple MFi certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility of this 6 ft iPhone charger. Simply connect the long lightning cable adapter to your Apple device and the USB end into a wall adapter or USB hub to charge or into your computer to sync data. Our cords can charge and sync with many smartphones and tablets.

    Three USB Charge Ports

    Each of the three USB charging ports on our outlet shelf are universal type-A USB ports and have a power output of 3.4 AMPs, allowing them to smartly and quickly charge all your USB devices. This USB charging shelf’s USB ports can also be used simultaneously with each other and the six AC outlets, letting you charge and power your devices at the same time.

    Eight Three-Prong AC Wall Outlets

    Our surge protector USB wall outlet lets you instantly gain seven extra AC outlets when plugged into any standard American wall outlet, providing you with six in total. Each of these AC sockets on this multi-port wall outlet are three-pronged as well, allowing you to plug in more power demanding devices such as televisions, laptops, computers, and more.

    Built-In Phone Stand

    For those that need a convenient place to set their phone down while charging or are tied down with short charging cables, our wall charger with USB ports is a perfect solution for you thanks to its built-in phone stand. Having a small slit on top of this socket shelf, it is the perfect size to place your smartphone down into vertically. It also gives you the perfect angle to use it hands-free while your phone charges thanks to being shaped to tilt your phone back slightly.

    Convenient Surge Protector

    In order to keep all of your USB and wall powered devices safe while plugged in, we've designed this electrical outlet extender with strictly tested and certified surge protection capabilities. This helps make sure that your devices won't become damaged from sudden power outages and large AC current fluctuations.

    Safety First

    To ensure that you can use our USB charging hub confidently and safely, we’ve outfitted it with a wide variety of safety features along with its surge protection. These include providing the USB hub with over voltage protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection. Our multi-port wall outlet also contains a fireproof shell that is fire-resistant up to 1382°F. Plus, it has been rigorously tested to make it SGS certified for safety.

    Keep all of your USB devices and electronics charged and powered anywhere you go with Overtime’s USB and AC Outlet Socket Shelf, today!

    • Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable
    • Outlet Shelf: 3 Smart Charge USB Type A Ports with 8 Standard AC Sockets with Surge Protection
    • Handy Built-In Phone Stand
    • Universal USB Compatibility: The 3 USB ports on our USB charging shelf are universal type-A USB ports.
    • Designed with Safety In Mind: Our wall outlet with USB ports has been tested for safety and is SGS certified with safety features

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