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Outlet Shelf Night Light Surge Protector

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With 6 three-prong grounded AC sockets available, you'll have more than enough for all the electronics you need to plug in.

We've also added in a 5V/3A USB-C port and two 5V/2.4A USB-A ports. Quickly charge your mobile devices, tablets, or even laptops.


This multi plug outlet extender is the perfect nightlight without being disruptive to your sleep cycle. A built-in sensor-operated soft light turns on automatically when the room is dark. It also has a handy dimmer to adjust the brightness of the light. The light can be turned off entirely if you prefer.


We've included a 7.9?"x 3.4" shelf in our multi plug outlet extender with USB-C port.

Easily detaches and plenty of space for your phones or tablet while they're charging. It also has grooves for easier cable management.

Key Features

  • 1 USB-C Port, 2 USB-A Ports
  • Light sensing dimmable nightlight
  • 1200 Joule Surge Protected Outlets
  • Large removal shelf 7.9"x3.4"
  • Cable management groves for charging

Plug & Play or Secure with Screw (included)

  • Remove the screw in the middle of your wall socket's wall plate (leave the wall plate in place)
  • Do NOT take off the wall plate and simply plug Overtime's outlet shelf into the outlet
  • Screw in the extra long screw (included) in the middle of the Overtime Outlet Shelf and secure it to the outlet's center screw hole
  • Screw is not required but will help keep the surge protector secure

Packed With Features

We've worked diligently to create an outlet extender with every feature our customers asked for. Regardless of the devices or appliances you use we've got you covered. Updated to support USB Type C and additional grounding protection indicator, we've also upgraded the outlet shelf to include a dimmable light-sensing nightlight to extend the already impressive usability!


One of the great things about our multi outlet plug outlet shelf is its versatility. It comes with a standard three-prong grounded plug itself that you can attach onto any wall easily.

Use it on your bedroom for when you’re sleeping and need to charge gadgets. Or, install it in the kitchen for your cookware. You can even add it to your washroom where you use a hair blower. It’s an item that can be useful anywhere in your home.


With a great number of sockets comes a great mess of cables. It’s a good thing we include a 7.9” x 3.4” shelf in our multi plug outlet shelf with USB-C port. You can detach the shelf as you see fit, or keep it attached on top of the whole thing.

It has ample space for you to fit in your phone or tablet while it’s charging. It also has grooves for easier cable management. Being techie doesn’t have to mean being messy, after all.


Our product also solves your need for night lights that plug into walls. This multi plug outlet is the perfect light to give the room some illumination without it being disruptive to your sleep cycle.

The product comes built-in with a sensor-operated soft light that turns on automatically when the room is dark. It also has a handy dimmer that lets you adjust the intensity or brightness of the light for your room, or turn it off entirely if you prefer.


Overtime's 6-socket/2-USB A/1-USB C port with shelf outlet extender offers surge protection up to 1200J to keep your sensitive electronic devices safe. When the "Protected" LED indicator lights up, you're ready to plug in your devices. Certified for your safety, our product is ETL Listed, guaranteeing exceptional safety standards.

Built with high quality materials, our units are repeatedly put through rigorous tests for durability and safety. Each unit is built with a fire proof shell that can withstand up to 1382°F.

Our safety team has tested this device with sensitive electronics including iPhones, iPads, iPods, AirPods, Galaxy phones, Galaxy tablets, Pixel phones, GoPro cameras, Nintendo's Switch consoles, Playstation and XBOX consoles and controller charging, different smart televisions, electronic toothbrushes, hair dryers, and so much more. Our goal is to make sure our products fit your life perfectly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Well Designed Product

It's obvious that Overtime carefully considered the customer when designing this outlet shelf. It has all the features you would need, is well constructed and the price is reasonable. Nice work!

Computer Doc
Good power good stand

This is a good way to expand the plugs on a standard outlet, I like how the stand is not fixed to the outlet, there is a switch in our house that is really close to the wall and the stand doesn't fit when I try to connect it to that outlet. With the combination of us and standard plugs, for me this is great for the bathroom, with the razor, electric tooth brush, flosser, Alexa, and then a cord for my phone this works great to charge everything I need in one spot. The stand works well to charge my phone, the only complaint I have is the cable management hole in the stand is really stiff and a USB C cable had a really hard time fitting in the slot. Other than that, it works well

So convenient with the lamp! And it powers so many things with ease!

Super convenient night light. Ideal for kitchen or main restroom. It’s not too big, but big enough to hold plenty. It had not overheated or even felt warm once. I absolutely love this thing!!

Convenient useful

This is pretty convenient. You don't really know if it's all that useful at first, then once it's setup, you'll be amazed how useful it is.

Nice outlet with removable shelf and night light...

Nice outlet with a removable shelf, and night light. I really liked this outlet, until I saw other versions from competitors, and then I didn't like as much anymore. You see, there are models out there that put some of the outlets on the sides. Those are infinitely more useful than this one. Even with the extra space in the lowest row, I couldn't create enough space for my plugs and adapters. I ended up using the other version with outlets on the sides. This is still a good outlet and will meet many people's needs. I will rate it 4-Stars!