Multiple Port Outlet Shelf 11 Port Wall Outlet Power Charger and Surge Protector (1, 2, 4-Pack)


      • ELECTRIC EXTENSION: Eight-port extenders so you can charge multiple smart devices, or use different items and accessories simultaneously. This newest adapter has 8 plugs, an improvement over other socket shelves.
      • USB STATION: Three USB ports turn this from a simple outlet expander into a convenient charging shelf. Will safely power your iPhone, Android, or any other USB products and electronics. In today's world, a multiplug without USB ports is behind the times.
      • BUILT-IN MOUNT: Whether used in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage, or any room, the cover plate above our plug helps keep your devices mounted, and your cord organized. This genius gadget is an organizer's dream come true.
      • EASY & SAFE: This device is a SGS Certified surge protector up to 1020J, fire proof shell that can withstand up to 1382??F, and high-quality component to improve durability and safety. Just slide the countertop shelf into its strip then plug in shelf with outlets to your wall's outlet. When the "Protected" LED indicator lights up, you're ready to plug in your devices.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 104 reviews
      Works great

      It does look a little Clark Griswoldie with everything plugged in, but we love it.


      I’m a gadget girl and this is very convenient and easy... and yes I have more than one.


      Liked so much gave as gifts.

      Works Great!

      I like that it works as advertised.


      This socket shelf is perfect for holding either my cellphone or my tablet. I place my tablet on it and can listen to music or watch a movie while washing dishes or cooking and can plug it up to keep the charge. It was easy to install and it works as stated in the description. Now I do not have to worry about my phone being in the way or getting wet, so this has worked out great for me. No worries about taking up counter top space, so I love it.

      Plug & Play or Secure with Screw (included)

      Remove the screw in the middle of your wall socket's wall plate (leave the wall plate in place)
      Do NOT take off the wall plate and simply plug Overtime's socket shelf into the outlet
      Screw in the extra long screw (included) in the middle of the Overtime Socket Shelf and secure it to the outlet's center screw hole
      Screw is not required but will help keep the surge protector secure


      Each Overtime Socket Shelf includes up to 1020J surge protection so that you can use your electronics safely or charge your sensitive devices with peace of mind. Just look for the "Protected" LED light and rest assured that your devices are protected.


      Just slide the included shelf into the tracks and you're all set to go!

      Rest your gaming controller or phone or tablet on the shelf while it charges. Place your electric toothbrush on there to keep it handily available without cluttering your sink. Prop up your tablet in the kitchen to watch videos or keep recipes up on the screen - all while the tablet charges!


      Just plug the Overtime socket shelf into any 3-pronged grounded outlet and turn your 2-socket outlet into an 8 socket outlet you can use safely and conveniently, along with 3 USB outlets.


      Surge Protection for Your Electronics

      Surge Protection for Your Electronics
      Overtime's 8-socket/3-USB port with shelf socket extender offers surge protection up to 1020J to keep your sensitive electronic devices safe. When the "Protected" LED indicator lights up, you're ready to plug in your devices.

      Fire Safe  

      Built with high quality materials, our units are repeatedly put through rigorous tests for durability and safety. Each unit is built with a fire proof shell that can withstand up to 1382°F.  

      Safe for Sensitive Electronics  

      Our safety team has tested this device with sensitive electronics including iPhones, iPads, iPods, AirPods, Galaxy phones, Galaxy tablets, Pixel phones, GoPro cameras, Nintendo's Switch consoles, Playstation and XBOX consoles and controller charging, different smart televisions, electronic toothbrushes, hair dryers, and so much more. Our goal is to make sure our products fit your life perfectly.