Lightning Cable MFi Apple Certified (6ft)

    One of the hardest parts of using Apple hardware is getting used to their specific charging requirements. With our 6ft Apple certified Lightning cable, though, you make sure you get A-plus quality. This is entirely suitable for Apple iPhone and iPad devices, ensuring they charge to the best possible quality and performance.

    These Apple mfi certified 6ft lightning cable options will ensure that you never need risk an incomplete charge again. Designed specifically for Apple hardware, these offer the correct power performance for a safe, effective, and genuine Apple charge. The high-speed charges reduce charge times, and will help to keep every part of your Apple repertoire ready to go!

    At 6ft, this chord offers you all the cable distance that you need to make sure your device charges with consummate ease. Pick this up, and you can enjoy using a highly convenient, simple to work with charging solution. It?ÇÖs also perfect for ensuring you can quickly sync data from one iOS platform to the next. So, ready to save time and effort?