Car Charger 2.4A with Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable (4ft)

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    With the help of this easy to use dual car 2.4A iPhone charger, you can make sure that your devices are always expertly charged in the shortest time frame possible. fully compatible with all UL/FCC/CE standards, this is an entirely safe and easy to use iPhone charger that should get your device fully charged-up and ready to be used in the shortest time frame possible.

    It?ÇÖs the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to find a high-end iPhone compatible charging device that they can plug into their car when driving. It can charge up to two Apple devices at once, so you could easily get your phone and tablet charged up to the correct power level that you need.

    Either way, you should find that this is the ideal iPhone charger when you are on the go and need something solid, smooth, and reliable. Pick this up and you can make sure that you can get your devices 100% charged as you make your journey from A to B.

    Customer Reviews

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    I love the it, very functional and quickly charged my phone.


    Total satisfaction Did not expect such an amazing performance
    Excellent product

    Five Stars

    I am thrilled by its compatibility with my iPad and iPhone. They both get charged fast and it's even more effective than my devices' original chargers. This charger is a great investment you should not fail to purchase one.

    It worked well on all aspects

    The car charger works very well. The simple and slim structure makes it compatible with any car. Also, you can charge two of your devices without overheating the adapter. The cables, on the other hand, are reliable and effective.

    Rapid Charge Technology

    Features 2.4 Amps of power and a lightning cable with apple supplied connectors that quickly charges your smart devices and keeps your gadgets functioning at optimum performance. Kit includes portable car charger.

    Compact Size

    Easy to use and lightweight with supreme compact ability, and they can be carried in virtually any travel bag, offering sleek and easy storage.

    Maximum Power

    Provides the maximum charge possible for any given plugged in USB device, keeping your gadgets powered up allowing your smart devices to function at its best. It can recognize any device, and maximize the charging efficiency. It charges your phone twice as fast and saves you time.